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Whether you’re a seasoned Digital Nomad or Expat who has been living overseas for years or someone who’s new to this whole moving thing getting settled into a new city can be one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences of your life.

We’ve created this handy guide as a way of making that process much, much easier.

  1. Visas

    Lyn Visa

  2. Accomodation

    I hear the guys at Vietnam Property Group are pretty good (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). All jokes aside we specialise in finding quality accomodation for apartments in Da Nang

  3. Transport

    Grab – Consider this the local equivalent of Uber if you’re from the western world. Essentially its a rides haring app that allows you to connect with drivers and get your food delivered. (Warning: I take no responsibility for any weight gain you may experience as a result of this massive convenience. You can download it here or search on your phones app store

    Local Buses & Trains
    Rent or Buy a Motorbike

  4. Shopping

    Online Shopping

    Lotte Mart
    Big C
    Fresh Market
    Local Markets

    The following are good options for computer and tech needs. Most have online as well as store options. https://philong.com.vn/, https://thinhtien.vn/, https://fptshop.com.vn/cua-hang/da-nang

    Looking for clothing in western sizes can be difficult in Vietnam. These are some of our go to stores: FO76, Clothes for Compassion

  5. Banking

    You can get a local atm card at most bank however there are some restrictions on what you can do with it such as depositing cash if you’re not here on the appropriate Visa.

    Personally I use ViettcomBank but BidV and others are also popular options.

    Just search for the closest branch and ask the assistants for help.

  6. Legal Assistance

    If you’re looking to start a business or need some other help we’ve heard the following are good options:

  7. Nearby Tourist Attractions

    Hoi An
    Marble Mountain
    Monkey Mountain
    Ba Na Hill

  8. Local Entertainment

    Metiz Cinema
    Ice Skating
    Ang Bung Beach
    SunWorld Da Nang

  9. Working Cafes/Co-Working Spaces

    Digital Nomad Coffee Shops

  10. Language Schools

  11. Expat Communities

    Digital Nomads in Da Nang
    Women of Da Nang

  12. Foodie Hot Spots (Restaurants)

    Jos from our Team created this Google Maps List with some of his personal favourite Restaurants and Street food vendors in Da Nang. Check it out here.

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