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Choosing the right area for you

Below we'll go into detail describing what might attract you to the different suburbs of Hoi An and what makes them each unique.

Around Ancient Town

Located 7km from the beach, this area is full of restaurants, cafes and bars. Perfect if you like to mix a bit of work with pleasure or take a stroll around the ancient town in a lovely Sunday or during the evenings.

The old quarter is located in Minh An ward, an area of ​​about 2 km², with short and narrow roads, with a winding segment, running along the chessboard style. Adjacent to the river bank is Bach Dang Street, then Nguyen Thai Hoc Street and Tran Phu Street is connected to Nguyen Thi Minh Khai by Cau Pagoda. Because the topography of the neighborhood gradually slopes from north to south, the roads across Nguyen Hue, Le Loi, Hoang Van Thu and Tran Quy Cap are slightly sloping upward if they go into the depths of the city. In the past, Tran Phu street was the main road of the town, connecting Cau Pagoda to the Chaozhou Assembly Hall. During the French colonial period, this street was named Rue du Pont Japonnais, or Japanese Bridge Street. Today, Tran Phu Street is about 5 meters wide with many houses without porches, the result of the expansion in the late 19th century and early 20th century. The roads of Nguyen Thai Hoc and Bach Dang later formed, both due to sediment accumulation. Nguyen Thai Hoc Street appeared in 1840, after which the French named Rue Cantonnais, or Cantonese Street. Bach Dang Street was born in 1878, close to the river so it used to be called River Road. Located deep towards the city, following Tran Phu Street is Phan Chu Trinh Street, a new road was built at a later time. In the old town there are many other alleys lying perpendicular to the main road extending up to the banks of the river.

You can easily renting some house right here with cost around 8 - 14 mils depend on the location and how many bedrooms they are.

An Bang Beach

Do you know, in addition to the ancient streets of Hoi An, the rustic folk dishes of the Central region also have beautiful white sand beaches everywhere. I think you are thinking about Cua Dai Beach, right? But I'm not saying that, I'm referring to the brand new beach An Bang Hoi An - silent paradise - one of the 50 most beautiful and pristine beaches in the world. Home of a lot of expats who want quiet area. Near the beach and cheap house/apartment rental.

House rental price around here is just around 7 mils to 11 mils.


Local Attractions

Traveling to Hoi An is not only Hoi An street with ancient architecture, dishes with bold culture and traditional identity. But here are many other famous tourist attractions. Vietnam Property Group would like to introduce the tourist attractions in Hoi An for your reference to a complete, meaningful trip and do not forget to book an apartment or a house here to have the most clear experience!

Hoi An Weather

The weather in Hoi An from the beginning of August to the end of October is rainy days. Weather in Hoi An in September will be the days when the old town welcomes the rains.

Spring starts from January and ends in March. It can be said that this is the most suitable time for tourists to visit this ancient land. With a bit of dominance of the southern heat, the weather in Hoi An in spring can also be called dry season.

At this time, Hoi An still lingers chilly winds with temperatures ranging from 18 to 23 degrees Celsius.

The spring days give visitors a very comfortable feeling, pleasant by the dry and cool weather. And more specifically, spring is also a time of great bustle and excitement in Hoi An.

The weather in Hoi An on summer days is relatively comfortable, not too dry with the background temperature fluctuating between 26 and 31 degrees. Hoi An is not hot due to the location of this beautiful land in the south of the Truong Son range.

The weather in Hoi An from October to December is probably the worst weather of the year.

Although Hoi An weather in November does not have too many storms causing inundation, it is inevitable on the cold and rainy days.

Although the weather in Hoi An in December does not support you to visit the natural beauty of Hoi An in the winter, you can fully explore the beauty of simplicity, intimacy without a bit of hustle or bustle of it in the resorts and resorts.

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